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Brook Panneck, BA

Brook’s primary focus is communication. After receiving his BA in Communication, he further developed his communication skills as a mediator. He has also worked as a supervisor in various fields for over fifteen years, giving him an in-depth understanding of organizational development, business communication, and supervisory development. He also has ten years of experience in marketing, which has given him an understanding of emerging technologies and key practices of organizational communication. In the course of Brook’s educational pursuits, he has studied and tutored in the areas of time management, organization, and critical thinking, giving him a unique insight into best practices for student success.

Besides receiving his BA in communication, he is certified in conflict resolution, has educational awards in conflict management, leadership, and supervisory development. He will also have finished his Masters in Library Information Science in May of 2017.

Brook has worked for Blue Cliff College for nearly three years developing and instructing classes. Brook teaches communication and student success courses. As an instructor, he uses curiosity and listening as a tool, which helps students sharpen their critical thinking skills. Through empathy, communication, and feedback he is able to understand where students are at in terms of learning inclinations, general knowledge and cultural views, which enables him to build upon their knowledge and help to expand on ideas. This along with a little humor and authenticity breaks down socio-cultural divides and helps students to find their own unique styles of learning.