Welcome to Your Online Education at Blue Cliff College

As the Dean of Academics for Blue Cliff College - Online, I am committed to providing an optimal learning environment that meets the needs of our diverse student population.

Since 1987, Blue Cliff College has prided itself on helping students throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas obtain a quality education focused on preparing for a career. As more students see the value in pursuing a career-focused education and as online learning has grown to become a viable delivery method, Blue Cliff College has expanded into the online educational field. 

We recognize that online learning is both convenient and effective for students. Though delivered online, the foundational concepts that make our courses so special remain in place. We are committed to delivering the same high quality, career-focused education online as we do at our campuses as well as supporting you as you prepare for a career with us. Your success is our top priority.

With that in mind, I am proud to introduce Blue Cliff College's online CAMA and HIMBC programs. We've created an online learning environment that allows you to acquire knowledge, comprehension, application and purpose from virtually any computer - anytime, anywhere. Our CAMA and HIMBC courses are hosted online and accessible from any number of Internet-connected devices such as computers, laptops, Smartphones, and tablets.

In addition to accessing course content online, you can interact with course instructors and other students through engaging discussion groups, chats, and other online group activities. We have built an online community conducive to collaboration, questions and answers, relationship development, and knowledge exchange. Our administrators and faculty members are approachable and readily available online and off. You can expect a variety of interactions with Blue Cliff College administrators, faculty members, mentors, and other students - all of whom share your passion for learning and career preparedness.

I understand how challenging it is to pursue an education these days, especially if you have a family or have already entered the working world. Our online programs have been developed specifically to make it possible for students like you to prepare for a career without the limitations of a traditional college campus setting.

I'm excited about Blue Cliff College's online programs and am committed to helping you achieve your educational goals.

I am pleased to personally welcome you to Blue Cliff College.

Dr. Tracy Kozielski

Dean of Academics - Online



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